St. Joseph Catholic Parish - Wichita, Kansas

2018 Parish Dinner Raffle Prize Winners

Prize                            Winner                 Seller

$5,000                                                             Maria Esparza                          No seller listed

$2,500                                                             James Armour                          Owen Parks

$1,000 Vacation Voucher                                  Kahn Ly                                     Mike

40” Television                                                   Derek & Denise Woolheater       Xavier Woolheater

Handmade Quilt                                                Jim Garcia                               No seller listed

Samsung Tablet                                               Donna Duran                             Bill Wright

Vacation @ The Ambassador                            Rich Chavez                              No seller listed            

Hay Lawn Care Bundle                                      Tom Fangman                           Brad Seiler

Sarah Dellasega Photography                           James Monroe                          Dan Wagner

Rodan & Fields Skincare Kit                               Michelle Gonzales                   Kennedy Gonzales

WSU Basket                                                     Jessica Shaffer                         Florence Marx

Catholic Family Bundle                                     Maria Rios                                Sarai

Coleman Camping Kit                                        CarolynRosenhamer                 Sherry Stump

Mary Kate & Co. Gifts                                      Vickie Young                              Carter Sublette

Birthday Skate Package                                   Florence Marx                           Florence Marx

Keurig K425 Plus 2.0                                        Francis Willard                          Lise Fisher

Disney On Ice Package                                      Mike Hurtig                               Duane Hurtig

BBQ Package                                                    Heath Hamptom                       Sophia Blaiz

VIP Bowling Party                                              Judy Shideler                           No seller listed

Thunder Night                                                   Greg Hamersky                         Gloria Sparkey

Wichita Theatre Package                                  Larry Ricke                               Shirley Ricke

Spa Kit                                                             Bobbie Santana                         No seller listed

Wet/Dry Vacuum                                               Joel Basinger                            Bill Walsh

The Alley Entertainment Package                     Tina Rosenhamer                      No seller listed

Spiritual Life Center Package                            John Mertes                             John Mertes

Wine Tasting for 4                                             Ashley Thompson                       Gloria Sparkey

Spa Package                                                    Joe Damilini                              No seller listed

Starburst Package : Painting 4                         Kylon Collins                              No seller listed

Bishop Carroll Gift Basket                                Kathy Barker                            No seller listed

Coleman 55 Qt. Cooler                                      Yessemia Orozco                      Maria Rodriguez

Budweiser Kit                                                   Rick Wagner                              Dan Wagner

Katie Rose Salon Bundle                                   Jo Ridder                                 J. Mans

Family Fun Package                                          Justin Parks                             Owen Parks

Roxy’s Night Out 1                                            Bernadette Sanders                No seller listed

Zoo Package                                                     Raul Garcia                              Carla Ortiz

Roxy’s Night Out 2                                           Pat Allerherligen                       Vickie Smith

Carousel Family Package                                  Libby Shockley                          Florence Marx

Wichita Art Museum                                         Amber Neises                           No seller listed

Cordless Phone Kit w/caller                               Janelle Holiday                         No seller listed

Chairside Table                                                 Renee McGlynn                         Alli McGlynn

KC Royals Ticket Package                                 Jenna Steier                            Coleen White

Get Air Package                                               Aldona Carney                           Aldona Carney

Paint the Towne Date Night                              Madison Hay                            No seller listed

Bowling Night                                                    Nancy Coon                              Emil Grow

Sunset Painting Package                                  Natasha McCreery                   C. McCreery

Moonlight Painting Package                              Mike Martin                              Foster Martin

Inspirit Kombucha Basket                                 Nancy Gehrer                           No seller listed

Bradley Fair Package                                        Larry Schulte                           Joan Welch

Northern Lights Painting                                   Peter Sanders                          Peter Sanders

Buffalo Wild Wings Sauce Basket                      Mike Hurtig                               Duane Hurtig

Drink Bundle                                                     Bridgette Carr                          Emma Drigman

Dance Lessons                                                 Jennifer Huelsmenn                   Shirley Ricke

Benedict Crucifix Package                                 Larry Ricke                               Shirley Ricke

Cameo Necklace Package                                  Jerry Newby                              Jerry Newby

Chick – Fil – A Package                                     Ron Fisher                                Lise Fisher

Electric Chafing Dish                                         Landon Hinsdale                       No seller listed

Roden + Fields Moisturizing Kit                         Jim Monroe                               Dan Wagner

Aero Plains Gift Basket                                    Rebecca Meyer                         Rebecca Meyer

Popcorn Machine                                               Amber Neises                           No seller listed

Truck Center Package 1                                     Vera Roush                               Sherry Stump

Truck Center Package 2                                    Judy Borboa                             No seller listed            

Norwex Gift Basket 1                                        Olivia Stingo                             Logan Kolace

Norwex Gift Basket 2                                       Janice Vogel                             Janice Vogel

Los Pinos $40 Gift Card                                   Joseph Beyrle                           No seller listed


For Most Tickets Sold                                      Bas Howen

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