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Stewards of Christ Program

The understanding of stewardship as a way of life cannot begin when one becomes an adult; it must start at an early age. Stewardship is a way of living that acknowledges that everything we are and have is a gift from God. It is living a life marked by gratitude and thanksgiving to God. As it relates to children, a response to God’s generosity must be made by giving back a portion of one’s time and talent. 

Some guidelines have been established so students will understand their responsibilities as it relates to this service project.

The required hours for each student per semester are:

Pre-K                                1 hours 
Kindergarten                      2 hours
1st Grade                          3 hours 
2nd Grade                         4 hours 
3rd Grade                          5 hours 
4th Grade                          6 hours 
5th Grade                          7 hours 
6th Grade                          8 hours 
7th Grade                          9 hours
8th Grade                          10 hours

After a student has accomplished an act of generosity, he/she is asked to have an adult sign and verify that the task was completed.

After a student has reached the specific goal as listed above, his/her stewardship sheet is given to the principal. When the semester comes to an end, those who have met the criteria and have given their time and talent to help others will be recognized.

St. Joseph Catholic School has a very high rate of participation in, and completion of, the requirements for the Stewards of Christ Program.

pdf (214 KB) pdf Middle School Stewardship Form (212 KB) pdf (214 KB)

pdf PK-4 Stewardship Forms (214 KB)


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