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Our Approach 

Stewardship has been a long standing practice in our Diocese. We have seen the fruits of stewardship in many areas. Stewardship is defined as 

"A Grateful Response of a Christian Disciple who Recognizes and Receives God's gifts, and shares these gifts in love of God and Neighbor." 

More commonly we refer to Stewardship as TIME, TALENT, and TREASURE. The first of which, is time. Time is the most important because time is what everything costs. How we use our time is crucial to how we live our lives. If we are bad Stewards we miss the opportunities God has given us to use our talents and gifts. We recognize that time is so very important and often times very limited. We encourage and help our youth be better stewards of their time. Helping them to learn to prioritize how they spend it. 

The next step is the their talents. We firmly believe that when a person utilize's their talents they will be happier! When they are happier we know that they will glorify God. 

"The glory of God is man fully alive."  ~ St. Irenaeus 

Our Goal is to help the youth realize and utilize the talents God has given them. By better utilizing their talents youth will be better related to God. Once they have developed their talents it is in recognizing and receiving these talents that they are able to share them with others. We are not our own, nor were we meant to live in isolation. We are communal beings. Our program is based heavily on developing talents of the youth! This is where they start to embrace who it is that God called them to be. 

To say that treasure is only limited to working adults would be a dis-service to the Church. While in our diocese it customary to tithe 10% from your gross income we recognize that due to financial constraints that isn't always possible. However, to give nothing at all would only harm the parish family. Youth are encouraged that while they may not be able to tithe 10% of their gross income, they should tithe some portion. 


Get Active! Get Involved!

The family is the domestic church, and the family is the single cell of society.

Pope St. John Paul the Great stated “As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so

goes the whole world in which we live.”

Family is an integral part of our Faith! It is important to recognize that as a parent or guardian you play a key point in establishing the values and priorities of your children. You are the first educators. You are the leaders. As a youth team, we can NEVER fill the role of a parent. This is uniquely yours and only you can fill it.


As a youth team we strive to work in close conjunction with parents and guardians. We believe in clear honest communication. In order to better serve the youth in our parish, event information, topics, and plans will be made available to parents. We strongly implore parents to participate in activities that are open to parents specifically, or open to the parish.


Our parish provides education to our youth, this is a part of our stewardship. It is important for your children to take this education seriously! In addition, it is crucial that as a parent you also take this education seriously, helping to reinforce the Church’s teachings and practicing them in your own home. For some parents religious education was not always available. Sometimes parents find themselves forgetting or never learning what their children are being taught. This can prove difficult and cause issues with the children understanding the importance of the Church’s teachings.

We ask that as a parent if you are not actively participating in a bible study, religious book study, or formal religious education to consider attending some of the courses taught at the Spiritual Life Center!

Click HERE for a list of the Spiritual Life Center programs 

Parish Involvement

Your parish is a shared community amongst all members. Each member is unique and brings unique talents and experiences. It is important to expose children to a community that is welcoming and safe. Children are more likely to participate in a ministry or program if their parents participate in a ministry or program. We ask that all parents join a ministry or program. Whether that be a liturgical ministry such as a Eucharistic Minister, Lector, Usher etc. Or a program at the Spiritual Life Center or a parish bible or book study. The more active you remain the more likely your children will remain active.

Click HERE for our parish groups/programs.   Click HERE for our Liturgical Ministries



 The following are a list of programs that J.O.E. Seeks to have our parish youth attend!

These programs and retreats work to help cultivate Faith and build a Relationship with Christ.

There is a cost to attend some of these programs! If your child is interested in attending but can't afford to attend, or if you are interested in sponsoring a youth to attend one or more than one of these events please email Andrew Purcell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





Prayer and Action is a summer program designed as a low-cost mission for young people that takes place within the diocese. Participants live in community, prepare meals together, pray together and work on various projects (painting, cleaning, yard work) for those in need.

Click here for more info!


The Fiat Discernment Retreat is for women ages 18-27 who are seeking God’s will for their life. It is led by a team of lay people from Wichita, KS. Consecrated sisters from various religious communities from the Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious assist at the retreat by giving talks, leading small groups, giving their testimonies, and providing a joyful witness of what it means to be a consecrated religious sister.

The Fiat Ministries discernment retreat is structured around the concepts of femininity, prayer, mercy, consecrated life, and discernment in order to encourage young women to trust the Lord and be led by Him.

This is a discernment retreat and not a vocation fair or recruitment event. Ultimately, our goal is for the retreatants to walk away with a greater understanding of religious life and a greater desire to grow in relationship with Jesus Christ.

Click here for more info!


Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) is a 3-day retreat based on the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ. TEC involves older adolescents & young adults encountering Christ in a way that many have never experienced before. On a TEC retreat, you will have the opportunity to grow in your relationship with Christ through talks, group discussion, individual reflection and prayer, and sharing in the Sacraments. Not only is TEC about faith; it is also about having fun and getting to know other youth and young adults from around the Wichita Diocese. For an inspiring opportunity to grow in your relationship with Christ and build lasting Christian friendships, TEC is the place to be. The weekend is led by a team of youth and adults, with a priest as spiritual director.

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What is the Quo Vadis Retreat? The Quo Vadis Retreat is an opportunity to examine where your life is going and ask the Lord if you are going in the right direction. This retreat is designed for young men to discern a vocation to the priesthood, to religious life, or to marriage. On this retreat, you will take time to ask the Lord where He desires to lead you.

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Totus Tuus is a summer Catholic youth program dedicated to sharing the Gospel and promoting the Catholic faith through evangelization, catechesis, Christian witness, and Eucharistic worship. Our week-long Parish Summer Catechetical Program and Summer Camps assist parents and parishes in the evangelizing and catechizing of their youth by supplementing the work they are already doing. The methodology, structure, content, and enthusiasm of Totus Tuus is concerned not only with teaching the faith, but also igniting the hearts of the team members and young people. The result has been the formation of young adults who continue to dedicate themselves to the Church’s mission of evangelization.

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