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Many St. Joseph families shop at Dillon's. We are excited to inform you that your normal grocery shopping could make a big impact on St. Joseph Church. You can easily help St Joseph earns funds by registering your existing Plus Shopper’s Card! Enrollment is fast and simple.

The Dillons Division based in Hutchinson, KS includes all Dillons Stores in Kansas, Bakers in Omaha, Nebraska, and Gerbes in Missouri. This division will be paying out $500,000 at the end of each quarter to non-profits in the division based on shoppers’ purchases during that quarter. That’s $2 million to charities located in Kansas, Omaha, and parts of Missouri. It is our hope that with our parish families, we can take full advantage of the program.

Signing up is simple, and you won’t have to do a thing except use your Dillons Plus Shopper’s Card when purchasing items.

* To designate St. Joseph to receive funds from Dillons based on your purchases:

  • Make sure you have a Dillons Plus Shoppers Card
    (Available at any Dillons/Bakers/Gerbes Checkout)
  • Visit:
  • Sign in to your account or create an account if you do not yet have one, Click “Enroll Now”
  • Type St Joseph (no dot) in the search box or search using St Joseph's Community Rewards Number:VS608
  • Select St. Joseph in the search results and click “Enroll”

You will need to complete this process once each year. 

Thank you! We will send a reminder when it is time to re-enroll for next year. If you have questions about Community Rewards, Contact the Digital Customer Service line at 1-866-221-4141

The distribution of the $2 million is not based solely on your purchases, but also on numbers of individuals that enroll. The organization with the biggest percentage of qualifying purchases by dollar amount will receive the biggest percentage of the $500,000 each quarter!

*You will start earning rewards for the church right away on qualifying purchases made using your Plus Shoppers Card (Restrictions include: Fuel, Dillons gift cards, postage stamps, reloadable gift cards such as VISA or Mastercard gift cards, alcohol, tobacco, sales tax and lottery tickets)

*There is no cost to enroll, and the Community Rewards enrollment will not affect your fuel points or coupon discounts.