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Parents are the first and best educators of their children. Therefore it is essential that the home and school work together in a spirit of harmony to develop, promote and protect the vision and mission of the school. The parent association is governed by a set of bylaws approved by the Pastor and the Diocese. All decisions or recommendations of Parent Associations are subject to approval by the Pastor and/or Principal.

The goals of the Home and School Association are as follows:

1. Foster productive cooperation between the school and parents by providing a forum to address school-wide issues of mutual concern.

2. Provide the support and formation of parents by continuing study of the importance and responsibility of being a Catholic School parent.

3. Provide a network for action on policy issues which affect 
Catholic School Parents

4. Assist in providing the material needs of the school in a manner 
consistent with stewardship.

Parent and Teacher Organization Members

Pastor - Fr. Pat York

Principal - Mrs. Ellen Albert

Teacher Representative - Pat Dittemore

President - Talia Estrada

Vice President - Hollie Tejeda

Secretary - Arin Petrask

Treasurer - Mariam Martinez