St. Joseph Catholic School - Wichita, Kansas


At St. Joseph’s Catholic School, stewardship is a guiding principal, not just for the students who attend our school, but for their families as well. Many of the jobs and work done at the school are performed by parishioners and school families. The work done to remodel classrooms and bathroom facilities, repairs and routine maintenance along with the job of cleaning the classrooms, hallways and bathrooms are all done by volunteers.  During the fall enrollment period families are asked to sign up to help clean the school once during the first semester of the school year, and again once during the second semester.  

Parents and grandparents also volunteer to help in the lunchroom, usually one day a week. Others assist with maintenance and upkeep around the school. 

Check here for a listing of opportunities to donate time and talent to St. Joseph’s Catholic School.


St. Joseph Catholic School

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