St. Joseph Catholic Parish - Wichita, Kansas

Eucharistic Minister

Name Judy Shideler
Phone 316-263-1330

Gift Bearer

Bring to the altar during the weekend Masses and special liturgies the gifts of bread, wine and treasure.

Name Linda Bolster
Phone 316-650-1878


To assist in the liturgy by proclaiming the first and/or second readings and leading the congregation in the Prayers of the Faithful at weekend Masses and special liturgies.

Name Judy Johnston
Phone 316-942-8876

Music Ministry

To support, lead, and encourage the congregation in singing at weekend Masses and special liturgies.

Name John Probst
Phone 316-519-8222


To lead the congregation in the recitation of the rosary prior to each weekend Mass.

Name Linda Bolster 
Phone  316-650-1878


Oversees the overall church environment before and after Mass by preparing and setting up the altar bread, wine and sacred vessels for weekend, weekday and special Masses.

Name Mike McDaneld
Phone 316-305-6537


To assist the priest at Mass and other liturgies.

Name Charlie Deitchler
Phone 316-516-5065


To provide a sense of hospitality and order for the worshiping community and the weekend Masses and other liturgies.

Name Mike McDaneld
Phone 316-305-6537

St. Joseph Catholic Parish

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