St. Joseph Catholic School - Wichita, Kansas

Bingo Night - October 6

Our annual school BINGO night is set for Saturday, October 6th. Much work has already been done by many of our families, and we encourage even more people to get involved. Help will especially be needed on the 6th from 4:30 – 8:30pm. Please call the school if you can help on this day. Please keep in mind that this is our major fundraiser for the school year and that it can only be successful with everyone’s help. Every school family is asked to contribute $5.00 per child. This money is used for the actual bingo game prizes. Each family is also asked to donate one case of Pepsi/Coke products or one case of water. Donations for the silent auction are also being solicited at this time. Please help out any way that you can to help make this a successful event. The money and drinks can be sent to school at any time. All donations need to be here by October 5th (preferably by the end of September!).

St. Joseph Catholic School

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