St. Joseph Catholic Parish - Wichita, Kansas

Finance Commission

A group that assists the Pastor in carrying the common burden of the material administration of the parish.  It has the obligation of planning, providing for, and advising the Pastor in regards to financial affairs.  It is concerned with parish resources, budget and stewardship of treasure.  The Pastor appoints the members of this organization.

Contact Father Pat York

Stewardship Commission

A group that serves to assist the Pastor in fostering the unconditional giving of time, talent and treasure; thus maximizing parish resources to spread the Word of God to all.  It includes year-round education regarding Stewardship as well as planning, organizing, and executing the Fall Stewardship Renewal in the parish.

Contact Linda Bolster
Meetings 2nd Wednesday 6:30pm

Pastoral Council

An advisory group that assists the Pastor in achieving a fuller participation of the whole parish in fulfilling the Mission Statement of St. Joseph Parish.

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St. Joseph Catholic Parish

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