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    "Educating all pupils in the Catholic faith Tradition as responsible stewards, respectfully serving all humanity."

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Barnes and Noble Bookfair

St. Joseph Catholic School needs your help!  Please come and purchase a book for our library on November 11th at Barnes and Noble in Bradley Square.  Our wish list is available in the store.

Mention the book fair at any checkout and a percentage of all sales will go towards purchasing additional books!  See the flyer for additional details!

New books are key to keeping students excited about reading!

St. Joseph Catholic School

St. Joseph Catholic School is a small, private, parish supported school offering an affordable Catholic Faith based education for students in Pre-K through the eighth grade. Located near downtown Wichita, St. Joseph Catholic School offers a small town feel in the city.

Let us help your child build a solid foundation for their future.

St. Joseph Catholic School

316-261-5860 + 139 S. Millwood Wichita, Kansas 67213 +


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