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St. Joseph Catholic School Mission Statement

“Educating all pupils in the Catholic faith Tradition as responsible stewards, respectfully serving all humanity.”

The mission statement of St. Joseph Catholic School is the guiding principle for all pupils that attend our school.

The goal of the school is to instill a strong foundation of faith, respect, values, and reverence in those who attend St Joseph Catholic School. 

Stewards of Christ Program 

The understanding of stewardship as a way of life cannot begin when one becomes an adult; it must start at an early age. Stewardship is a way of living that acknowledges that everything we are and have is a gift from God. It is living a life marked by gratitude and thanksgiving to God. As it relates to children, a response to God’s generosity must be made by giving back a portion of one’s time and talent. 
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Core Values of St. Joseph Catholic School

The four core values of St. Joseph’s Catholic School are Faith, Stewardship, Community, and Commitment. The values of Faith and Stewardship spring from the traditions of the Catholic Church, and the values of Community and Commitment evolve from the Church through the local parish. 
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St. Joseph Catholic School is a small, private, parish supported school offering an affordable Catholic Faith based education for students in Pre-K through the eighth grade. Located near downtown Wichita, St. Joseph Catholic School offers a small town feel in the city.

Let us help your child build a solid foundation for their future.